SQAS-SA strives to assure quantifiable cost savings by creating and implementing ground breaking, cost effective management solutions and deliver world class services.

SQAS-SA (Pty) Ltd provides the following services to the industry with the focus on enhancing fleet efficiency.

  • SQAS Accreditation: A requirement when transporting Dangerous Goods
  • Fuel Management: With the emphasis on identifying fuel fraud/theft/abuse and driving down fuel cost.
  • Mobile Forms: Digital form application that functions on a smartphone and/or tablet and automates all your manual processes with digital data capturing. It builds custom digital forms and checklist and helps your team to collect data anywhere, stores it in various formats in a digital cloud environment for easy access.
  • Risk Management: Operational Risk Assessments, identifying, mitigating and limiting risks that have adverse impact on your business.
  • Background Checks: A wide variety of background checks, including electronic fingerprint scanning and criminal record verification