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SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) was introduced to the S.A. market in 2001 to assist in regulating the transport and storage of classified dangerous goods. It is based on a similar European system used by Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council). Its primary function is to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of Logistic Service Providers and Chemical distributors in a standardised manner through assessments carried out by independent accredited assessors using a standard questionnaire. The questionnaire is developed in such a way that it caters for different types of logistic service providers. It is reviewed and updated on a regular basis by industry role players. The current custodian of the system is CAIA.
The standards are extremely high and accreditation only awarded to service providers who achieve a 90% and above mark during accreditation audits. The questionnaire consist of four main categories of questions, namely; Mandatory Core Industry Norm Desirable
The questionnaire is divided into 7 main sections with each main section comprising of various sub-sections. The main sections are; Management (Maximum Potential Score of 505) Safety, Health & Environment (Maximum Potential Score of 532) Equipment (Maximum Potential Score of 395) Planning & Operations (Maximum Potential Score of 457) Security (Maximum Potential Score of 26) Site Inspection (Maximum Potential Score of 606) Responsible Care (Maximum Potential Score of 30)
In total there are 364 questions and SQAS-SA has a ready to implement template for each and every question, including policies, procedures, check lists, manuals etc.