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Hein Crocker, the Managing Director of SQAS-SA had his first experience with the SQAS system back in 2002 when he assisted a transport company to become SQAS accredited. Upon seeing the SQAS requirements and realised that there was no information or material available to assist in meeting the requirements he started compiling his own policies, procedures and manuals. From an initial score of only 16% he managed to to get the company accredited with a score of 93.6% within 9 months of the initial audit. Through his consulting business called Transport Risk Management Services, he focused primarily on operational risk management and was able to save his clients substantial sums of money by assisting them to manage all the operational risks associated with transport. This was achieved by doing an initial risk assessment, identifying all the shortcomings and introducing a variety of risk prevention strategies to minimise the risks identified. Many of his customers were also transporters of Dangerous Goods and he started assisting them to achieve SQAS accreditation. SQAS-SA has over the years manage to streamline the entire SQAS management system and was instrumental in the accreditation of many transport companies. Hein has also built up an excellent relationship with his customers and various other suppliers and role players in the industry. SQAS-SA also provide fuel management training and services with the emphasis on reducing fuel cost by identifying fuel fraud, theft and abuse with extreme accuracy. We provide customers with the necessary skills to manage and investigate fuel theft/fraud/abuse effectively. Hein is also willing to share his expertise with all his current and prospective clients.