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For customers seeking SQAS accreditation and/or customers who are in process of preparing for 1st time SQAS accreditation we provide the following;
A full set of templates meeting all the SQAS requirements, including policies, procedures, manuals, check lists etc. A detailed implementation plan based on the templates provided. A guideline on what SQAS auditors look for when performing audits. On and/or Off - site assistance with implementation. Cloud based hosting of all SQAS related documentation and information to ensure a centralised storage environment with both on and off line access. Dedicated e-mail addresses to ensure smooth communication between SQAS-SA and the  customer On-site consultation Pre-accreditation audits Representation during accreditation audits On-site training for personnel and drivers where the following subjects are covered; o Understanding SQAS and the significance thereof o Various legislation and SANS codes regarding the transportation of dangerous goods o Driver manual content o Correct completion of various SQAS required check-lists